PEOPLE applying to be taxi drivers in Hull will have to sit a knowledge test from April this year.

The move comes after concerns were raised over the number of current drivers who are unfamiliar with the city's road network.

Many also do not speak English as a first language after an influx of European Union migrants in recent years.

When the idea of re-introducing the knowledge test was first put forward last year, the Mail revealed how one clueless cabbie who took a fare in Ferensway did not know where Beverley Road was.

Councillor Sean Chaytor said it was one thing for satellite navigation equipment to send drivers up the wrong road, but a different matter entirely if passengers were taken on longer journeys than necessary because a driver did not know the best route.

Keith Fenner, the city council's licensing manager, said consultation with the taxi trade over the introduction of the knowledge test with the BTEC qualification would continue over the next few weeks.

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